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New Portex® HMEs, HMEFs and Filters

Smiths Medical, Portex, HMEs, Filtered Heat and Moisture Exchangers, HMEFs, Filters

Smiths Medical is pleased to introduce new Portex® Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs), Filtered Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEFs) and Filters.

The addition of the 15 new products provides a full range of HMEs and Filters to meet a wide variety of Respiratory and General Anaesthesia applications for paediatric, adult, intubated, non-intubated and spontaneously breathing tracheotomised patients.

Smiths Medical has long provided an extensive range of effective passive humidification solutions, popular for their low resistance to flow and high moisture output with viral bacterial/viral efficiency of up to 99.9999%. The new products sit alongside the HEPA, Thermovent® T and Thermovent® T2 HME’s and play a crucial role in the hydrating of secretions and the prevention of VAP and tube occlusion.

Existing Products
The Thermovent® T and Thermovent® T2 HME’s are both sterile products designed for spontaneously breathing patients, enabling them to carry out social activities. Both products have designated oxygen lines to deliver additional oxygen to the patient, and the Thermovent® T2 HME has an added suctioning port to manage secretions effectively.
The Thermovent® 600 and 1200 HME’s and HEPA are all effective HME/Fs with efficient rates of filtration to help keep bacteria out of a patient’s breathing circuit.

Features & Benefits of Passive Humidification
HMEs and HMEFs are methods of passive humidification and offer many advantages, including:

  • Simple, lightweight and portable
  • Single-use
  • Cost-efficient
  • No external power source required

Über das Unternehmen:
Name des Unternehmens: Smiths Medical International Ltd.
Adresse: 1 High Street
City: Hythe
Land: United Kingdom
Telefonnummer: +44-1303-260551
FAX: +44-1303-266761
Hinweis: Die Marken, Produktnamen, die Produktnummer in diesem Zusammenhang erwähnt, all Urheberrecht an dem Unternehmen gehören.
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